How to Overcome Common Challenges of Selling Apparel Online

Numerous challenges have beset most successful brands and online businesses along their way to the top. Business is a game of challenges and finding ingenious ways to surmount them is the road map to a successful online apparel store.

If your store is getting hits and visitors who want to buy from you yet you are not selling as much you would like to, then it can only mean that you might not be addressing the online shopping pain points of your prospects. It is imperative to note that although 43% of sales are influenced by online interactions, online sales account for only 9% of retail. While the figure is considerable, it does also reveal that there is massive room for improvement.

 As much as there are great products online at very competitive prices and an easy check out process, there still are a group of online shoppers who refuse to buy online. This information is insightful because their reason for the hesitation to buy is the kind of feedback that if acted upon could prove to be turn-key for an online business in respect to more traffic and more importantly, conversion.

Reasons for online shoppers not buying and what you can do about it

  • Complicated processes

Whereas shoppers tend to gravitate toward complex sites, the shopping experience proves to be frustrating in the face of complicated navigation, irrelevant details, and overwhelming options.

It is estimated that 50% of prospective sales slip right through your fingers because visitors can’t find what they are looking for. One big mistake is expecting the visitors to learn how to navigate your site when in fact your site should be laid out in a way that is easy and natural to navigate.

  • Solution

You can solve this problem by learning or anticipating what your customers are looking for and reduce the number of clicks it takes to find those items.

To allow them a good feel of the products you are selling you want to make your site simple and informative by removing any clutter that serves as a distraction.

You can use the heat map tool which will help you understand what your shoppers are trying to do and be in a position to find ways to make those tasks simpler, fluid and quicker for them.

An easy to navigate site where customers can find what they need quickly builds trust which leads to conversion.

  • Annoying experience

The attention span of regular online shopper is just about the same as that of a shopper in a physical retail store. The only difference is once they are uninspired or bored, they are off to the next site.

  • Solution

Build your site to be interactive and engaging to hold the customer’s attention longer. The shopping experience should be fluid and naturally enjoyable.

You can hold and sustain a customer’s attention by integrating approaches like

  • Social shopping
  • Interactive product guides
  • Gamification techniques

25% of shoppers will abandon your site if takes more than 4 seconds to open. So you also want to address website speed by getting a suitable host that meets that need or re-designing your site if reduced loading speed is as a result of design.

Lack of selection support

Having too many products for a customer to choose from without having customer choosing support is counter-productive. In fact, choosing between a large number of products has been found to be psychologically exhausting for an online buyer.

Once your customer is stressed out, there is little chance they will buy anything at all.


Many consumers shop online without having decided what they exactly want. As such your site should be able to intuitively present products you know they will love and offer them an easy, uncluttered way to pick the product that suits them.


Many challenges exist in running an online apparel store. However, if you identify the pain points of your customers and ease them, then it’s only natural that they will want to come back and stay longer to buy because they will be enjoying the shopping experience. Remember that it is also about having a great platform that you can use easily to sell your clothing online such as Shopify!